Our Mission is to create an innovated approach to the Car detailing industry, with a simple goal of providing a quality driven service for our car community of maintaining their prized possessions while meeting great people along the way. we take pride in making the vehicle stand out in its beauty and seeing our clients faces light up. As I like to say a diamond don’t shine until you clean & polish it At Diamond Auto Details we want to make sure your car is getting the quality attention it deserves. Starting with a the products we use on the cars and the proper methods on cleaning the vehicle without damaging or effecting the paint.

Why Choose a Detailer?

Taking your car to a local car wash may get the job done but you are left with swirls and scratches after it comes out of the line, due to the dirt and grime that was taken off of the previous vehicles that have been washed before yours. I experienced this when I bought my 2020 Honda Accord and made a mistake of taking it to the local car wash. Car washes do not take the time to clean off the and prep the wash cloths or brushes for the next vehicle which results in dirt and filth getting dragged onto one car to the other. Think of it like this, you wouldn’t bathe in the same water as someone that just finished washing ups its straight up disgusting its the same with your car.



Cheap price
Takes about 10 mins. to get it done


Leaves swirls and micro scratches on the clear coat of the car
Most car washes use high PH soaps which strips away at your clear coat 



We are mobile so we come to you! You can order a Detail with just a few clicks
Each wash is done with clean and fresh microfiber towels to prevent cross contamination 
Utilizing the 2 bucket wash method to avoid the chance of swirls and scratches 
We only use trusted and reputable brands in the detailing industry that are PH neutral
  • Adams, P&S, Gyeon, Griots Garage and The Rag Company 


Our basic wash takes about 1.5-2 hours depending on how much work needs to be done on the car but quality takes time and shouldn't be rushed


The difference between them is the product we use which varies in longevity and cure time 

  • Level 1: Consists of a full layer of Gyeon MOE Evo cure time 12hrs
  • Level 2: Consists of a full layer of Adams Graphene cure time 24hrs
  • Level 3: Consists of a full layer King Avalon cure time min. 24hrs (LOCKED)

The protective layer over the pain or base coat 

Provides an extra layer of protection over the clear coat giving it hydrophobic properties against water and helps shield the vehicle’s paint from natural contaminates